Any student who seek for information

Published on : 2022, 6, 8

All SLITHM staff will be working from Home on Mondays & Tuesdays of the week with effect from 30/5/2022 until further notice.

Staff will be available physically at the SLITHM premises on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday of the week with effect from 30/5/2022.

Language Day

Published on : 2022, 1, 27

Precision, Performance, Itinerary
Having considered the above compositions as the theme for the 2022 National
Day celebrations, we will attempt by employing effort to inculcate the habit of
learning an extra language to the students to understand the value and to meet
the increasingly globalized and bilingualism in their future.

Independence Day Ceremony

Published on : 2022, 1, 27

To commemorate the 74 th Independence Day, the SLITHM will launch a ‘’Tree
Planting Campaign’’ in Colombo School. In association with this celebration the
students’ sports & Welfare Association of all the provincial collages will carry out
the same event and will continue till 2023 February.