National Tourist Guide Course (Licensing Program)

Tourist Guide Service as defined as a service provided to tourists by escorting them or giving them information and narrations concerning all aspects of tourism interests in Sri Lanka. As unofficial ambassadors of the host country, fundamental prerequisites for tourist guides are positive personal, ethical and moral characteristics including honesty, modesty, dignity, and trustworthiness. Equally important are intellectual qualities including comprehensive knowledge and a strong grasp of the subject matter, good analytical skills, a comparative perspective for historic cultural sites, and a commitment to continuous learning and personal enrichment. Moreover, essential professional qualities include the ability to communicate and present facts in the visitor’s language, the capacity to lead and organize groups, correct posture and eye contact, and the ability to tell stories. The aim of this course is to produce a Tourist Guide with all the above mentioned qualifications and qualities. This course focuses to develop standardized Tour guides with and to obtain the “licence” issued by SLTDA as the prime legal requirement to perform as a Tourist Guide in Sri Lanka


It may help to become a disciplinary tour guide with all qualifications and qualities.

To increases the technical and social competencies as well as the intellectual qualities including comprehensive knowledge and a strong grasp of the subject matter, good analytical skills, and a comparative perspective for historic cultural sites and to better understand the cultural background, personal expectations and behaviors of tourists.

It may lead to quality improvements in hosting tourists and to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, and in this way facilitates the positioning of tourism enterprises in the international market.

Course Content

Module No

Name of the Module


History and Heritage of Sri Lanka - part 01


Introduction to Tourism Industry


Sri Lankan Studies - part 01


Personal Professional Development - part 01


History and Heritage of Sri Lanka - part 02


Sri Lankan Studies- Part 02


Personal Professional Development Part 02


Professional Tour Guiding - Part 02


History and Heritage of Sri Lanka


Professional Tour Guiding

Entry Qualifications

The applicant should be a citizen of Sri Lanka.

Applicant should be between 21 and 60 years of age on the closing date of the application.

G.C.E. Advance Level – should pass all subjects in at least two sittings and should have passed English in G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination with a credit pass or should possess a degree by a recognized by the University Grant Commission.
Or Should have completed Tour Guiding Programme which offers NVQ Level 4
Or Should Have Continues Service Experience Not Less than 5 years as a show-offer Tourist Guide.

Should Possess a certified of proficiency in the language (International or advance Level) intends to practice as a tourist guide and Should prove language proficiency (English or Other Language) by producing credintials.

Teaching Methodologies

Lectures – (Online/Offline) | Field Visits | Familiarization Tours

Period of the Course : 05 Months - Full Time

Course Fee : Rs. 150,000/=

Contact Details

General Inquiry : Mr. Lalin Thebuwana

Tel : 011- 2208312

Address : Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management, 78, Galle Road, Colombo 03

Next Intake - Feb 2025

A minimum qualification is only required to enroll the course

Blended with both theoretical and practical exposure

Opportunity to study diversified fields of hotel operation

Scholarships for low income students