Open up career prospects locally and globally
with internationally recognized hotel& hospitality programs.


Our students are offered a world-class training and education


The professionals who teach are recognized and qualified.


Ethics and discipline are foremost in our curriculum.


Industrial growth is achieved in sustainable ways.


“To be the Center of Excellence in Training and Education for Human Resource Development of Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Asia”


Quality – We provide first class training and education programmes delivering the premium value to our students.

Equity – We ensure fair and more equal opportunities for every Sri Lankan to meet the required national and international standards of human resources of tourism and hospitality industry for the highest achievement and growth.

Integrity – We strive to uphold the highest standards of professional ethics and disciplines, together, across boundaries, to meet the training requirements of human resources for tourism and hospitality services.

Sustainability – We pursue institutional growth in both responsible and sustainable ways.


Identify, design and deliver training and education programmes in travel, tourism and hospitality management to produce the highest quality professionals for the tourism and hospitality industry.

Train the required manpower to meet the demand for tourism and hospitality industry by addressing ever changing and challenging trends in tourism and hospitality industry.

Deliver tourism and hospitality education and training on par with national and international standards while promoting Sri Lankan hospitality and its values to global heights.

Provide equal opportunities and create an equitable working environment for all youths living in different parts of the country while ensuring sustainable growth in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Expand the capacity of delivering tourism and hospitality education by creating partnership with local and international education entities in a mutually beneficial manner.

To demonstrate excellence through research in tourism and hospitality that adds to international knowledge and connectedness.

Hon.Harin Fernando
Minister of Tourism & Lands
Mr.Chulananda Perera
The Secretary to the Ministry of Tourism & Lands
Mr.Shirantha Peiris
Chairman-Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management

Our Achievements

As testimonies to our excellence, we have garnered an accolade of awards which prove to our ever-growing community that we are highly recognized in what we do. Our courses ensure the highest quality and are recognized on a national level.

Governing Body

Our governing body is the key pillar of strength of the institute. They guide the institute towards its strategic vision and mission facilitating continuous organizational growth. The governing body consists of the best professionals with diverse areas of industry expertise.

The governing body of SLITHM includes Industry experts, highly academic experts and policy makers with years of experience behind them. They play a key role in the management of the entire organization. They work in collaboration with the ACADAMIC AND non-academic staff ensuring the proper administration of the academic.