Facilities & Activities

AT SLITHM, we offer a wide range of facilities to provide a comfortable learning experience to our students. From the gymnasium facility to the training at Samudra Training School, everything is curated to support the teaching-learning process. Our exceptional range of facilities covers training kitchen facility, training restaurant facility, Samudra training school, library, gymnasium, IT laboratory and scholarship programs.

We are proud to say that the available facilities are well fitted with the latest technologies and appliances. As one of the leading Government approved Hospitality and Travel industry-related institute in Sri Lanka, we are continuously investing in the facilities of the institute to enhance the quality of the education that we deliver to the students. As we promote a student-centered learning culture, we believe that investing in facilities encourages students to perform better and master their skills with convenience.

Enroll with us and get a futuristic learning experience where you can learn and enjoy your life at the same time. By paving the way for the quality education system, we are committed to improving and enhancing our facilities in the future to provide a much better quality education that facilitates innovation and excellence.

Training Kitchen

Practical cooking sessions occupy an integral place in the cookery-related modules of SLITHM courses. We believe that it’s not the theoretical teaching, but the hands-on experience on cooking, that creates fully-fledged chefs.


Training Restaurants

SLITHM is equipped with two air-conditioned and carpeted mock-up restaurants to facilitate practical restaurant sessions for the students who study related disciplines.


Samudra Training School

Hotel Samudra is the training hotel of SLITHM. Located in the Colombo city center facing the beautiful ocean waters at Galle Road, Colombo 03 with just a few minutes away from the city’s business hub, the hotel is recognized as a hospitality center open for business.


Training laundry

SLITHM Laundry & Dry Cleaning section commenced its operation in 2012 as the only Laundry and Dry-Cleaning training center in Sri Lanka.



This is the main platform for students to enhance their knowledge related to their specialized subject areas. The library plays a vital role in catering to the information and educational needs of both course participants and professional staff of SLITHM and the tourism sector.



The gymnasium center located at SLITHM is fully fitted with world-class sports workout equipment and all the latest training facilities. With a huge collection of options available, you can choose the best training facility that suits your requirements under the guidance of the coaches.


IT Lab

SLITHM is well equipped with an air-conditioned, modern computer laboratory on the 5th floor. The lab caters to the current information technology needs of the students as well as the academic staff with state-of-the-art stand-alone computers with fast Internet facilities and the latest systems and software.



We offer a limited number of scholarships for students from low-income families. Students are required to provide a letter from a Gramasevaka which is certified by Divisional Secretariat to verify the annual parental income.